(7-10-18) So it seems that 50 states is not enough, at least three serious options are on the table to add new states to the country. They include Washington DC, three Californias  and Puerto Rico.

Will it happen? Only time will tell what takes place….

Letter submitted recently to the Mercer County Outlook-

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, we are reminded of the values that make our country great such as democracy, equality and justice. As the nation reflects and celebrates these values, we urge all Americans to make these words a reality for the 700,000 residents who have no voting representation in Congress.

The District of Columbia has a population greater than two states, and has produced 200,000 brave men and women who have valiantly served in the United States Armed Forces defending democracy and fighting for liberty. More than 2,000 of these heroes died fighting for our beloved country, yet, they had no voting representation in Congress and were denied the form of democracy at home that they fought for abroad.

Today, you can support us by calling on Congress to stand up for American citizens living in the District of Columbia. Our residents pay more in federal income taxes per capita than residents in any other state, and collectively pay more than $3 billion dollars in federal taxes each year. We deserve full Congressional representation, as well as autonomy over our local affairs, but instead, we are treated as second-class citizens.

We believe this is a clear inequality suffered by the residents of Washington, DC, and citizens of the United States of America. This injustice must end.

Please sign this petition and send letters urging Congress to support statehood for the citizens of Washington, DC.

This effort is sponsored by the New Columbia Statehood Commission to educate all Americans about an injustice that has existed too long. For more information, please visit statehood.dc.gov.

The Washington, DC Statehood Office

History shows there has been many attempts at adding additional states –