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 Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart is announcing that over the upcoming construction season that engineer inspection and maintenance personnel will be on-site on many of the 111 miles of Mercer County maintained open drainage ditches and 62 miles of tile throughout Mercer County.

Easements exist along specific drainage infrastructure attributes that allow the necessary evaluation and maintenance of these important drainage elements.  Such things as ditch inspection, spraying for noxious weeds and erosion repairs will occur throughout the year.  “Many people may think that a ditch or tile is solely on private property, but all of Mercer County’s ditch and tile maintenance infrastructure attributes have a maintenance easement on and around the drainage feature.  A fraction of the open ditches and tile in the unincorporated areas are on county maintenance.”  Wiechart stated.

Ohio Law prohibits signs on trees and poles.

Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart has issued a reminder that the Ohio Revised Code prohibits the erection of signs or affixing signs, posters or advertisement to any tree or utility pole within the right-of-way of any public highway.

Political candidates, campaign workers and supporters of issues appearing on the ballot are reminded that these signs are subject to removal.

Bridge Closing

The Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart, is planning to close Jordan Road between US 33 and Winkler Road in Blackcreek Township for a bridge replacement.  This road will be closed tentatively on January 27, 2020 and is scheduled to reopen in approximately 6 weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

Any additional questions, contact the Mercer County Engineer’s Office at 419-586-7759.

Snow –do not plow onto roadways

The Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart, is reminding residents living on county and township roadways not to leave snow plowed from private driveways on the roadway.

Ohio law prohibits the placement of injurious material or any obstruction on a highway except that which is placed on the roadway by a proper authority, such as salt or grit the county and townships use to treat icy roads.

If it is found that snow displaced from a private drive onto a roadway contributes to an accident, the individual who placed it there could be found liable.

According to Sheriff Jeff Grey of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, placing injurious materials or obstructing the roadway is a criminal offense.

Any additional questions contact the Mercer County Engineer’s Office at 419-586-7759.


Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart is announcing the policy covering replacement and repair of mailboxes damaged by county crews plowing snow.

Mailboxes and posts damaged by snow and ice thrown from plow blades will not be repaired by the Engineer’s office.  Boxes and posts damaged by contact from a plow blade or truck will be replaced by the Engineer’s office, using light-weight standard steel mailboxes and posts.