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To spray or not to spray

Roadside herbicide application for the suppression of undesirable vegetation and environmental enhancement, through the use of Environmental Protection Agency approved herbicides, will be performed by licensed personnel along all County Roads in Mercer County and on Township Roads in Center, Jefferson and Washington Townships, starting May 1, 2019 extending thru May 31, 2019, according to the Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart.

Anyone who has sensitive areas adjacent to any road right-of-way and does not wish for those areas to be treated must erect signs reading “Do Not Spray”.

For further information, contact the office of the Mercer County Engineer at 419-586-7759.

Spring planting & open ditch maintenance

The Mercer County Commissioners and the Mercer County Engineer would like to remind those who plant and till the fields around the county this spring to remember to avoid planting in the roadway right-of-way.  The Engineer and the Commissioner’s Office have maps that identify the varied widths of the road right-of-way throughout the county.  More specifically, sight problems limiting the ability of the traveling public to see, can be particularly hazardous.

Also, a reminder to those along county-maintained open ditches.  By law there is a maintenance easement for access adjacent to the tops of banks of the open ditches.  We encourage the use of filter strips to eliminate sedimentation and soil erosion adjacent to the open ditches.  Keep in mind that our maintenance crews use the easement for access for the maintenance operations we perform (the spraying of weeds and brush is the most significant maintenance operation).

Should you have any questions related to these requirements, please feel free to call the Commissioners’ Office at 419-586-3178 or the Engineer’s Office at 419-586-7759.


The Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart, is planning to close Oregon Road between Hoenie Road and Weitz Road in Hopewell Township for a bridge replacement.  This road will be closed tentatively on April 1, 2019 and is scheduled to reopen in approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

Any additional questions, contact the Mercer County Engineer’s Office at 419-586-7759.

Youth groups to collect litter

Motorists are asked to use caution in the next few months as youth community groups will be picking up litter in the ditches along many Mercer County Roads.

Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart issued the warning recently to protect the various groups of people who will be participating in the Litter Pick-up Program this spring.  “Clean-up crews are set to begin work in late March and typically complete the project by late spring,” Wiechart said.

The litter pick-up program is a joint project funded by the County Engineer’s Office and Township Trustees who pay recognized civic and community groups who participate.  Safety vests, gloves, bags and disposal fees are funded by the Mercer County Solid Waste District and the Ohio EPA.


Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart is announcing that over the upcoming construction season that engineer inspection and maintenance personnel will be on-site on many of the 111 miles of Mercer County maintained open drainage ditches and 58 miles of tile throughout Mercer County.

Easements exist along specific drainage infrastructure attributes that allow the necessary evaluation and maintenance of these important drainage elements.  Such things as ditch inspection, spraying for noxious weeds and erosion repairs will occur throughout the year.  “Many people may think that a ditch or tile is solely on private property, but all of Mercer County’s ditch and tile maintenance infrastructure attributes have a maintenance easement on and around the drainage feature.  A fraction of the open ditches and tile in the unincorporated areas are on county maintenance.”  Wiechart stated.