(12-25-22) It has been over two years since ‘Authentic’won the $1,000,000 Haskell, the $3,000,000 Kentucky Derby and the $6,000,000 Breeder’s Cup Classic. He retired with career earnings of $7.201, 200.

One of the interesting stories of ‘Authentic’ was the purchase of minority ownership by MyRacehorse that would give individuals a rare chance to own a very special horse. MyRacehorse, sold 12,500 shares for $206 each to 5,314 new ‘owners’. Some call it ‘micro shares’ others refer to it as ‘fractional’ ownership.

Kentucky Derby 2020

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November 22, 2020 storyThe 6 Million Dollar Champion That Paid Back Nothing

From the above story—

The ‘fine print’ in the contract stated that if the horse won major stakes like Triple Crown races and/or the Breeder’s Cup, the people that sold MyRacehorse the 12.5% interest they broke up into ‘Microshares’ would be paid a series of bonus ‘kickers’ (additional performance payments) amounting to more than the horse would earn, leaving the ‘shareholders’ with nothing to show from purse money and waiting for revenue from future stud fees to receive a return on their investment.

Two years later we asked those members who currently own or owned shares in the past in ‘Authentic’ to share their feelings now on owning a small piece of a Kentucky Derby winner. The replies came from the Facebook group Thoroughbred Fractional Ownership . Special thanks to all who responded to our request and allowed us to use them in our story.

Lorelei Pearl

They did nothing to hide the potential kickers that would have to be paid if Authentic went on to be as successful as he was. I thought they provided plenty of details about said kickers and I clearly understood what I was getting into as did many others. If people missed it that is a lack of due diligence and intelligence on their part because the info was readily available and was very much in layman terms.

I wanted Authentic to achieve those kickers because it contributed to his long term value. However, the excitement I felt watching him win the Kentucky Derby alone was worth the purchase price. I was in disbelief over the fact that I owned a minuscule amount of a KD winner! Watching him win the Breeders cup was exhilarating, but in a different way. It was a smug satisfaction reaction that he proved all the doubters wrong again and he had the ability I thought he had.

Since he has retired I thought MRH has done an excellent job structuring how the kickers will be paid back and I understand that I am in it for the long game. However, too many people want instant gratification these days and it is no different for those who threw temper tantrums over the clearly laid out terms and want their instant pay outs. They clearly don’t know anything about how stud deals work and rather than educate themselves they express their ignorance online and went in on an investment they clearly don’t understand.

Carin Sheehan

I would buy Authentic again- thrill of a lifetime! If he earns his initial investment of $206 back- just a bonus!

It inspired me to buy other mircoshares, and attend Breeders Cup live in person to watch Going to Vegas run. Goal: to be in a Winners Circle photo some day. I’ve met some great people and connected with horse lovers throughout the country on Facebook.

My husband has gotten good at handicapping racing and also has his own microshare race horse now too. We bonded over horse racing one of the only sports going during the pandemic shut downs.

Gina Danna

I didn’t get into Authentic or the others thinking I’d win money. I read what was involved with Authentic. He is a dream of a lifetime to me. Would not trade my partial (mini) ownership for anything!

Jennifer L. Fretwell

I had read all the fine print and was aware that if the horse was winning big races there would be no payouts and the payouts were on the breeding side. So I have never been upset or disappointed with my purchase of Authentic shares.

Joy McReynolds

We would never have been able to buy Authentic had it not been for the kickers. So it was a double edged sword.

Hope Dameron

The agreement was clear and for all to see. If the person didn’t want to take the time to read it, its on them.

Brandi Chase

Not everyone is happy with how ownerhips is handled…

I have done one partnership for fun. I never expected to get a check. I would like to have a photo in the winners circle one day! I actually own one show horse and that is not an investment! It’s a money pit! I would hate to think anyone doing this is expecting to get money back. You are losing much, much less than a typical horse owner!

A special story about ownership in Authentic

The vast majority of the replies seem to say the smae thing…owning a small piece of Kentucky Derby is worth it. But the one story below made one owner very thankful for the opportunity

Mindy Peterson

Read the (above) story. My story is probably a little different. I came into ownership of Authentic after he retired to stud. I didn’t get involved with MRH until April 2021 when I purchased 2 shares of Monomoy Girl. After her purchase, I bought shares in the other two leases, Social Dilemma and Got Stormy.

Back up to November 2020. I got the original COVID, was hospitalized for 6 days and almost died. It caused multiple problems including Diabetes, Kidney disease and depression. When I discovered MRH, it took my mind off of my health problems. I had always been a horse lover. I owned a Quarter Horse and Arabians in my teens and 20’s. And, I followed racing with the hope that someday I would be able to own a race horse.

I met Michael Behrens in early 2022 at Oaklawn and was privileged to have him at my dinner table. I was able to express to him my sincere appreciation of what MRH had done for me.

One of my fellow MRH owners heard my story and my wish to someday own a KD winner. She contacted me and sold me a share of Authentic at his original price. I was speechless and so grateful. I already knew about all of the kickers. It mattered not to me. I HAD A SHARE OF A KD WINNER!

Since that day, I was able to pick up another share. If I make money on stud fees (and I have received some money this year) great. That is just a bonus. I entered MRH with eyes wide open. It is my entertainment and my love of the Thoroughbreds. I am not in it for the money although I just bought 5 new yearlings with money in my MRH wallet. Thank you Michael Behrens!!!

Authentic at Spendrift Farm

He is standing at Spendrift Farm for a $60,000 fee.

12-25-22 has been bred to 202 mares.

Leading Sires for 2022 North America Sales
Offered -17 Sold – 13 RNA – $3,155,000 Gross Average – $242,692 Median – $230,000

His record in 2021….

No. 1 Freshman Covering Sire of 2021 by a wide margin with a $396,481 Avg., including first in-foal mares of $725,000, $725,000, $700,000, $650,000 (sale topper), $620,000, etc.

No stallion in North America up to $125,000 fee had a higher i/f mare average in 2021 with 10 or more sold.

The most popular first-season sire in 2021 – 229 mares bred; No. 1 by Comparable Index – 3.06.

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