The above Tweet is a parody

written by Dave Schmidt of the Outlook

(11-10-22) How long does it take to count votes in Arizona? Still waiting to find out that answer and may not know for days or weeks.

This is when it all started on election day…

Katie Hobbs is Arizona’s Secretary of State who is in charge of counting the votes in the state. But her track record is far from being stellar. It is not the first time the state has had these problem…which is massive this year.

What makes it even more of a fiasco…Hobbs is also a candidate for Governor of the state and is in a race that has gained national attention with Kari Lake. Conflict of interest?

How does a state have this many issues with elections? Good question?

Do you realize that Mercer County Ohio was done with the complete election process before the nightly TV news came on. They did their jobs and did it well.

A day before the election she tweeted this—

Arizona shows us the problems in an election process…very scary…and not just Arizona. YES…what happens in Arizona effects you!

Still counting by hand…