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(7-5-18) The Stateline Network started back in 2004, with two web sites, the Mercer County Outlook and The Senior Reports. Those two laid the groundwork for what now includes Facebook,Twitter and Instagram accounts to expand the outreach of each site….working together.

The Mercer County Outlook is our most successful site,featuring stories from Mercer County, the Stateline area  Ohio and Indiana related stories. The Outlook has the largest following on Facebook and Twitter pages, both have played a major part in the development of the Network. Recently added was an Instagram page.

The Senior Reports, recently became another branch of our Stateline Sports Network, SR is now only a Facebook page and Twitter account, after dropping that web page.

The Berrien County Outlook covers Southwest Michigan and Stateline area news, the page is located on our Stateline Network Extra web page and it has a dedicated Facebook page.

Since the start of the Network we have added several additions, the Stateline Sports Network, which includes high school sports regional coverage, with Ohio the main coverage area and Indiana, with xpanded coverage in Illinois and Michigan, with  national stories  included on a regular basis. The SSN Facebook page at this time is mainly focused on Ohio related material. Another Facebook page, Stateline Sports Network Extended,  has been added to feature stories from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and national stories of interest.

Presently we have four SSN twitter related accounts:

Stateline Network Extra is our third web site location, this site handles many of our special sections that serve the Outlook and SSN sites, like, Two Sides To Every Story, Meeting Agendas & Minutes, Community Bulletin Board, Area Obituaries (includes those from Indiana). As mentioned above the Berrien County Outlook  stories are also located on this site.

All of our web sites are subscription free, income comes from Word Press ads that appear on each site.

Thanks to you the readers for making these sites work in so many ways. Many of our stories and contributions for each site come from those who forward us media releases.  This type of help gives our web sites information that is useful to many who take the time to visit them.

‘Today’s stories now…not tomorrow”

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