(1-1-18) First of all thanks to everyone who reads the Outlook, Stateline Sports Network and Stateline Network EXTRA. It is truly appreciated.

To those who have sponsored our site, a very special thank you. With many possible opportunities to spend ad money, they took a chance with the three locations.

Thank yous goes out to all of you who send us materiel to use online, it make the sites special.

This year we moved all of the online sites to Word Press to give readers an easier and more reliable site, with far less down time, they are great hosts.

All three sites give you a chance to comment on anything that is posted, positive or negative. It is what makes the site special, hearing what the readers have to say is important, very important.

Some postings are more controversial than others, those items may be offensive to some and others are in agreement with them. The freedom to speak is something lost in other media sources, it doesn’t make everyone happy. The goal is to give both sides of the story, everyone should have the opportunity to express or submit what they feel is important. The Outlook tries to extra hard to give the facts on all issues, along with links to verify some. Not every posting is going to be accepted by all of the readers and that is understandable.

Letters to the Editor are always accepted, that is why we have added Stateline Network EXTRA to handle issues like that. EXTRA also includes items that are constantly updated, council agendas, minutes, scoreboards, plus the free Community Bulletin Board (no charge to post local events).

The Outlook, SSN and EXTRA will never have a fee to view or a subscription cost, it was the goal from the start (since 2004) to offer it all for free,