(3-25-20) As the coronavirus stay at home order remains in place  Governor DeWine seems to have ramped up his plans for enforcement for businesses who remain open and are considered non-essential.

With that in mind many have opinions on how this should be handled. Some say it is to much government, others think more should be done. The issue is getting more and more political based on replies to the above twitter.

What do you think?

Replies to the above tweet

  • I know some business are not “essential” but the people who own these businesses believe providing for their families and paying bills is pretty essential. I ask ALL to use wisdom, follow the law and remember social distancing is about more than just you!
  • You should give a little ring a ding to Nordstrom, who acts like they are closed but still having employees fill orders within the store. I’d love to know what necessity they are shipping that is deemed “essential”
  • Go get em , says this nurse. Ask them,”Who will be the care takers of all the ventilated patients next few weeks ?”
  • You are an absolute joke. You attack those who produce. Stop with your utter nonsense and unnecessary attacks against those who are trying to provide for themselves!
  • Just like city utility companies going to ppls homes to serve cut off notices no mask no gloves no social distancing And how do you want to address that one Govenor or are they exempt too
  • That’s good news because there’s multiple multiple businesses open in Mahoning in Trumbull County that there’s no need for but yet they’re still open
  • That’s right abuse your power king!! F*** the private industry as long as you show your power!!
  • Thank you! Why not let only Trumpsters return to work, since they are so eager? The rest of us can heed Dr Fauci’s guidelines. Wouldn’t that be true Darwinism?