Sgt. Julie Flick



Two  moms, Ericka Castillo and Kris Vega are thankful for one Berrien County Sheriff’s Department deputy, that being Sgt. Julie Flick.

kris vega

Flick was the 2012 Deputy of the Year, this what her Berrien County Sheriff’s Office’s 2011 Annual Report had to say:

“Her dedication is beyond the average person. She comes into the office on her days off to make sure the schedule is in order, and if there are any problems, she is there to help. Sergeant Flick will assist other deputies with reports if needed to make sure they are completed in a timely manner. Sergeant Flick is not only a dedicated supervisor but a great mentor. Whenever you speak to other police officers and someone asks, “Who is your supervisor?,” they always say how lucky we are to have her….”

It may be 2017, but five years later Flick continues to serve Berrien County in a very caring and professional manner.