News Release provided by: Jeff Rasawehr
I am sure there is evidence available of misconduct by multiple Mercer County officials. That is why I am willing to reward someone for it.

I am offering a $10,000 reward for evidence (that includes documents) of misconduct done by Mercer County officials. The evidence would have to be admissible in a federal court case. I am looking for information like the following:


  1. Specifically looking for a “whistleblower” from inside the county to provide documented, admissible evidence for a federal court case. The whistleblower will most likely work for The Mercer County Sheriff Office, Celina Police Department, Mercer County Courthouse/Prosecutors Office or Wabash Communications.


  1. As we continue to make federal records request on the county and on various officials each stone we’ve turned over reveals new issues. We are confident that as you read the “nature” of the corruption in the county, on our website, that there is an employee willing to come forward and do the right thing. In addition, my legal team will provide you with a defense from any retaliation by Mercer County.


We have mountains of evidence of misconduct on the part of multiple Mercer County Officials. These additional pieces of evidence could be the final “pieces of the puzzle” that could end the corruption.


The reward will be made at the conclusion of the case or at the time of settlement. There is only one $10,000 reward and that will be for the key informant that provides the best evidence for the federal court proceeding.

Send your evidence to:

Jeff Rasawehr

221 Baldwin Road

Birmingham, MI  48009

Attn: Joseph F. Yamin, Esq.