Submitted By: Jeff Rasawehr

(10-30-17) Pope Francis, in my opinion, is an amazing leader who has the strength of character and the courage of conviction. Recently he challenged all of us by stating that being “pro-life” is more than just a position on abortion. Pro-life runs the spectrum of life from cradle to grave.

  1. I ask you, the residents of Mercer County, how do you think Pope Francis would regard your community’s complacency towards the following:
  2. The fact that Mercer County continues to turn a blind eye to the continued degradation of the counties water supply. The cancer rate and birth defects in Mercer County are not acceptable! Is this type of activity valuing life?
  3. The fact that Sheriff Jeff Grey’s office has shot, with Tasers, an autistic boy (Dustin Clouse) and shot up the residence of Joshua Dorsten, commando style, resulting in a grandmother being hospitalized. Is this type of activity valuing life.
  4. The fact that Mercer County has a HEROIN epidemic that is costing people their lives yet Sheriff Jeff Grey continues to arrest users, but for some reason, he doesn’t arrest the dealers. Is this type of activity valuing life?
  5. The fact that Raymond Bey, shortly after being released from jail, died a horrific death laying in his own vomit while locked in a bathroom. Mercer County officials could only cover this up as quickly and quietly as possible while doing little to investigate the tragedy. Is this type of activity valuing life?

Greed, arrogance, and corruption are the values of the day being perpetuated by the leadership of Mercer County. When will the citizens of Mercer County, who take great pride in their religious values, accept the Pro-Life challenge of Pope Francis?

I have grown sick and tired of the corruption and lack of respect for human life and I will continue to challenge the community to stand up for the rights of those most abused.


1.  Pro-Life is more than slapping a “Pro-Life” bumper sticker on your car. Citizens, let’s all accept the moral challenge of Pope Francis and drain the swamp of Mercer County