(3-19-23) Southwesterly was featured on the Q-Racing Facebook page today.The daughter of Favorite Cartel, who is the son of thoroughbred legend Favorite Trick, is proof again that quarter horse breeders see the value of bringing in quality thoroughbred blood to the industry. This filly is competing on the track and in the future she should be adding foals to quarter horse racing.

In 2006 on June 6th, the 1997 Thoroughbred Horse of the Year, Favorite Trick, died in a barn fire, but his influence is still on display in top-level Quarter Horse racing. 

Favorite Trick was still offered for stud after passing away in 2012 through Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at JEH Stallion Station.

Had it not been for the quarter horse industry the impact of Favorite Trick would have ended in that barn fire. Technology used properly and incorporated in future bloodlines has added another dimension to the future.

The thoroughbred industry continues to avoid the technology that is now offered, including the issues with the genes and bloodlines of current horses.

Favorite Cartel family tree — Dad, Mom and Son

Favorite Cartel


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