UPDATED: 9-16-22

President Biden Did It First

Sanctuary cities complaining about recent migrants being sent by Republican Governors seem to have forgotten President Biden did it first.

NY Post story (10-18-21)Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

A Post analysis of online flight-tracking data suggests that around 2,000 of the underage migrants have arrived at the airport outside White Plains (NY) on 21 flights since Aug. 8.

Records show some of the planes touched down between midnight and 6:30 a.m. — when a voluntary curfew is in effect — with two arriving from Houston at 2:13 a.m. and 4:29 a.m. on Aug. 20.

The clandestine nature of the operation raises questions about how the White House is dealing with a recent surge in unaccompanied minors.

The most recent figures from US Customs and Border Protection show that just during July and August,  37,805 unaccompanied minors were caught entering the US from Mexico — sometimes after being abandoned  by professional  smugglers known as “coyotes.”

The Washington Examiner (10-19-21) Planes full of underage migrants are being secretly flown into suburban areas of New York by the Biden administration in an effort to resettle the massive influx of people coming from the southern border , a new report says. Charter flights from Texas have been unloading droves of young migrants, as the border crisis has compounded the progress of local immigration officials. Flights have been underway since at least August, sources familiar with the matter told the New York Post.


(9-5-22) Several years ago Mayors from numerous BIG cities declared that they would defy President Trump’s order on illegal aliens and declared that they were now ‘sanctuary cities’ and would welcome immigrants.

So when Texas Governor Greg Abbott started sending bus loads of illegal immigrants to those cities those Mayors went as far as calling Abbott a racist, instead of thanking him for transporting them to a designate sanctuary city..

2-28-20 – From CBS Chicago

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she’s committed to Chicago’s status as a “sanctuary city” for immigrants, and brushed off criticism from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, after a convicted felon previously deported to Mexico was charged with sexually assaulting a toddler in the restroom of the McDonald’s restaurant in River North.

This week Lightfoot released the following blasting Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his actions in sending bus loads of immigrants to Chicago –


From April 19th, 2019

ABC News

Mayors across the country are challenging Trump’s sanctuary city proposal

The president (Donald Trump) has proposed to bus migrants from detention centers along the southern U.S. border to cities he claims do not follow federal immigration laws.

From January 26th, 2017

Sanctuary city mayors vow to defy President Trump

Fox Business

Jeff Flock reports on sanctuary cities in America.


Other sanctuary cities like New York City and Washington DC have made statements that blame Gov. Abbott for the bus loads of immigrants being dropped off in their ‘sanctuary cities’.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

“It’s unimaginable, what the governor in Texas has done. When you think about this country, a country that has always been open to those who were fleeing persecution and other intolerable conditions, we’ve always welcomed that. And this governor is not doing that in Texas, but we are going to set the right message, the right tone, of being here for these families.”

From September 4th, 2022

Fox News

Lori Lightfoot slams Greg Abbott’s busing of migrants despite ‘sanctuary city’ status

From July 28, 2022

DC mayor asks for National Guard to help with migrants

FOX 5 Washington DC

After years of calling the nation’s capital a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is now pleading with the White House to send in the National Guard to deal with a flood of undocumented migrants who have been arriving on buses from border states.

The Office of Governor Greg Abbott issued the following statement about the busing:

“What’s horrific is the thousands of illegal immigrants overrunning and overwhelming our border communities with populations smaller than a New York City borough, and Mayor Adams is hypocritically upset about welcoming a few dozen into his sanctuary city. These migrants willingly chose to go to New York City, having signed a voluntary consent waiver, available in multiple languages, upon boarding that they agreed on the destination. If the mayor wants a solution to this crisis, he should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border—something the President continues failing to do. The Biden Administration is allowing historic levels of illegal immigrants, weapons, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to surge into our state and dumping migrants in our border towns with little to no help provided. Texas continues stepping up to respond to this crisis by deploying Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers, building our own border wall, busing migrants to sanctuary cities Washington, D.C. and New York City to provide relief to our local partners, and now sending illegal immigrants back to the border.”