by the Outlook’s Dave Schmidt

(3-21-22) Streaming allows all of us to see news on a regular basis from around the world, Great Britain’s Sky News, CBC from Canada just to name a few.

But Sky New Australia seems to have caught the attention of many American viewers. They cover American politics better then any media source in America.

They have done extensive coverage of American politics over the past several year…including the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Below are just some of the most recent You Tube videos from the network. You won’t find most of this on US outlets.

Big tech ‘censored’ the Hunter laptop story ‘to protect Joe Biden’

The Hunter Biden laptop story shows Joe is ‘compromised’

Joe Rogan slams media, Biden for ‘lying’about the Hunter laptop bombshell

Suppression of Hunter Biden emails ‘all about getting rid of Donald Trump’

‘The media’s Hunter Biden protection racket could be coming to an end’

‘Abhorrent’: Big tech, mainstream media criticised for ‘covering up’ Hunter Biden laptop story

Joe Biden’s ‘negligence’ and Hunter’s shady dealings could drag America ‘into World War III’

Kremlin is ‘punishing Hunter’: Russia slaps sanctions on Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton

Even after the NY Times story broke…mainstream media in America remains silent….