(3-23-21) During the COVID 19 pandemic a viral Facebook star was found – Cooking with Brenda Gantt. Brenda continues to gain followers on her site and most of her videos are getting one million views….WOOWZER!

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Brenda (74) lives in Andalusia, Alabama, a town of 8,700 just above the Florida Panhandle. Gantt posted her original biscuit tutorial on her personal Facebook page March 29 in response to requests from young men at Bethany Baptist Church who wanted her to help their wives learn to cook. Within two weeks the video went viral.

Since that time she has become one of the positives in social media during the pandemic…with well over a million and a half followers…and still growing she brings a smile to those who follow her.

She is down to earth with southern charm and knows how to make you feel a part of the cooking she presents…there is no Food Network show that can compare or compete with her.

She told baptistpress.com why she thought people started to follow her –

“I think they’re just hungry for something that they don’t know what it is, but it’s Jesus is what it is. I realized by the comments that people are sending in, that they are lonely, they are shut in, some of them are widows [who] can’t get out. The coronavirus has got them all trapped. They feel discouraged.

“They keep saying I’m just the bright light in their life, they’re so glad to see my smile. It is amazing and I’m still in shock about the whole thing.

“The Lord, He works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He? … It must be that the Lord made all this happen.”

Her grandkids call her call ‘Big Mama’. She runs the Coddle House Bed & Breakfast that she remodeled with her husband George before his death in 2018.

Alabama Farmers Federation Women’s Leadership Division Director Kim Earwood pretty much summed it up in a recent article on alfafarmers.org

“People love Brenda Gantt because she’s real. She’s like watching your mama or grandmama cook. It seems so effortless when she does it, but there’s definitely a lot of skill in those hands. Mrs. Brenda’s outlook on life, along with the joy she shares with others, makes her an Alabama and national treasure. Her love for cooking is a precious blessing that we all have the opportunity to experience.”

Cooking With Brenda Gantt Facebook Page

She recently added a Instagram account – @cookingwithbrendagantt

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