(11-30-20) Love Creek County Park, located in Berrien Center, Michigan, will be awaiting snow for the upcoming cross-country skiing season. This year, however, Berrien County has an additional reason to get excited about the white stuff – with two very generous donations earlier this year the park was able to acquire all new ski equipment!

Parks Director Brian Bailey stated, “Without the continued generosity of the Bitzer Family Fund, it would simply not be possible for the Berrien County Parks to acquire such high quality, brand new cross-country ski equipment. Their support of our ski program here at Love Creek is remarkable and we are extremely grateful.”

In addition, the Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) has also afforded new opportunities to make positive impacts on what Love Creek County Park has to offer. BMC hosted the Love Biketober Fest event in 2019 with some of the proceeds going back into Love Creek County Park. Although the park was unable to work with BMC this year for the event, Love Creek County Park is still reaping the benefits of the incredible work BMC and several other volunteers were able to put forth during last year’s event. Their donation with funds raised during that event is outstanding and it is exciting to see the donation used for continued, quality cross-country skiing.