(-24-20) Recently the Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety was the recipient of two grants to help in the areas of fire prevention and education as well as firefighting capabilities.

The first grant that was received was from FM Global in the amount of $2,000.  The main focus of the grant is for fire prevention and also for fire education.  The money was used to purchase an iPad for the Fire Marshal to utilize while conducting inspections as well as for fire investigations.  This tool will allow the Fire Marshal to take pictures and complete drawings of fire scenes as well as many other tasks very efficiently.  The remainder of the money was used to purchase fire prevention material to be distributed at the schools and community events.

The second grant that was received was from Michigan Gas in the amount of $2,000.  The intent of this grant is to increase the firefighting capabilities of the recipient.  This grant was used to purchase two high rise tool kits.  The City of Benton Harbor has several buildings that are considered to be high rise buildings.  These kits will enable us to be more efficient in the application of water on the fire to make the situation safer for the residents and firefighters battling the fire.

We feel very fortunate to be the recipients of these grants.  They will enhance our abilities to more effectively fight fires as well as to prevent and investigate them.  The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety is continually working to improve the way we provide services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Benton Harbor.