Gov. JB Pritzker, Gov. DeWine and Gov. Whitmer
Gov. JB Pritzker, Gov. DeWine and Gov. Whitmer

(5-4-20) Did any of us know how much power a Governor of any state had in a time of crisis? Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic we are finding out that they can close businesses,  shut down schools, eliminate Sunday church services and enforce stay at home orders…all without legislative laws being enacted.  They basically can shut down their state for as long as they want.

No matter how you see any of these items, many had no idea of what could happen. As the pandemic continues and stay at home orders are extended there continues to be more and more backlash from those who want to open their state back up. Others are willing to wait as long as it takes until we are all safe from COVID 19.


Some will argue that saving lives is only possible by ‘staying at home‘, while the other side says we can still save lives by taking the proper safety precautions and restart the economy and save jobs and businesses.


Conspiracy theories abound, the virus came from and was created in China and spread around the world to inflict us all. The virus has turned into a political war that seems inappropriate during a pandemic…but it still happens and continues.


Who is right and who is wrong…the next days and months will tell us what was best for all of us. The next time you cast your vote for Governor you might consider the recent months and what we have seen from both Republican and Democrat Governors. It will be something voters will be discussing in the future.

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