Berrien County (4-23-20) – Edgewater Automation and Eagle Technologies have partnered together to help make a quality face shield for first responders in Berrien County.  The two companies have also used their existing supply chain contacts to assist the Emergency Operations Center in getting vital products such as no touch thermometers and TYVEK gowns.

Tim Tate, Managing Director of Edgewater Automation stated:

“During these uncharted times for our country it is extremely critical that technology driven companies with the ability to innovate, automate and provide resources come together as one in support of their local emergency agencies now more than any other time before.  Together as partners with the Bridgman Public Schools and Eagle Technologies, Edgewater Automation is incredibly grateful to share our resources with our local emergency agencies to help produce this much needed PPE for their teams.”

Bridgman Schools Superintendent Shane Peters played an important role in getting these two companies together for this important venture.

Brandon Fuller, Chief Operating Officer of Eagle Technologies

“Eagle is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Edgewater and help our local authorities and community in these unfortunate times. It’s heartening that we can use our existing supply chain and in-house technology to help.”

Sheriff Bailey wanted to thank Holly Blake whose husband Rick Blake is the owner of Edgewater Automation for challenging their team to utilize their skills and 3D printer technology to join the rest of the country in the effort to help with the shortage of PPE equipment for emergency workers.  Cody Laughlin from Edgewater Automation and Micah Baggett from Eagle Technologies are to be commended for the donation of their time and effort to help make all of this possible.

Berrien County Emergency Operations Center has also received assistance from other companies in Berrien County that are listed below:

  • Whirlpool Corporation –        Masks
  • Gordon Food Service –        Masks
  • Lake Michigan College –        Face Shields
  • Journeyman Distillery –        Hand Sanitizer