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(8-7-19)  In the beginning…8-Man football is coming to Ohio. With that many schools, teams, schools coaches and student-athletes and fans will be making adjustments and playing new rivals. That is why the Stateline Network  hopes to help in the process.

OHSAA Status on 8-man football-

OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass told the Times Leader

“Sanctioning is a loosely-used term. We recognize 8-man football, which means it is covered by our rules, enabling it to be covered by our catastrophic insurance. We provide services to 8-man, but there is no membership and we do not sponsor a tournament. I don’t know for sure how many schools in Ohio have 8-man teams. My guess would be around 15. It is more prevalent in Michigan.

“Eight-man football gives schools an option to maintain football. Many schools come back with 11-man teams. You can play 11-man football one week and then 8-man the next week, but you cannot be eligible for the post-season. Schools are not permitted to have both an 11-man program and an 8-man program.”

In a recent Sandusky Register story, Tim Streid, senior director of communications for the Ohio High School Athletic Association, said the OHSAA has been asked about the possibility of sanctioning 8-man football. He thinks about a dozen Ohio high schools are fielding 8-man teams this fall.

“There would have to be a lot more teams for us to consider that.”

What the O8FBC will feature during this transition season for many schools –

  • Ashtabula St John
  • Holgate
  • Sandusky St. Mary’s
  • Toledo Christian
  • Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans

***Do you know of any other 8-man football schools in Ohio?  Let us know in comments below.


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Just a small way to help unite those schools that are making a major change.