Berrien Springs HS

(5-2-19) The Berrien Springs-Oronoko Twp. Police Department received a call from the principal at Berrien Springs High School about a call received from the state (OK2SAY) tip line.  The tip informed authorities that a 15 year old male student had been soliciting other students for help to obtain a weapon to shoot students at school.

During the investigation, it was determined that multiple student witness heard the suspect talk about needing help to get a weapon and soliciting assistance.  The suspect stated he want to shoot several students then shoot himself.

No weapons were seen at the school or obtained by the suspect. The suspect was arrested and lodged at the Berrien County Juvenile Center on a charge of “Threatening to commit violence with a firearm against students or employees on school property.”  This is a 10 year felony charge.

The (OK2Say) tip line was used by students as intended and alerted school and police officials of a potential incident.  Berrien Springs Public Schools has been promoting this tip line as a safe way to report any unsafe activity to authorities.  The safety and security plans in place at the school system worked as designed.