Mona, a shelter dog, enjoying a raised bed, has been provided by the Kuranda Dog Bed Company.

BENTON HARBOR, MI – Warm toes and cold noses will abound this winter. Every shelter pet at Berrien County Animal Control now has a bed. 97 beds (66 dog beds and 31 cat beds) were donated in 35 days in a hugely-successful bed drive conducted by Berrien County Animal Control and Voices for Berrien County Animals. The final shipment is scheduled to arrive early next week.

– Savanna Paxton, Kennel Supervisor

“It sounds like a small thing, but the effect is big. Dogs who have been lucky to already receive a donated bed are calmer and cat cage space is doubled! We can’t thank our bed drive donors enough!”

– Voices for Berrien County Animals

“Beds are a simple but important way to promote more comfortable, more relaxed, healthier, and happier pets — and in the always stressful environment of a shelter, that helps make more pets adoptable!”

This has been an important issue raised by the community for years, along with other issues that have been raised with the Berrien County Board of Commissioners in the past such as getting rid of the gas chamber (August 2015) and implementing family-friendly hours (2016).  Like 90% of the United States, our Berrien County community believes pets are family and supports county shelter pets being treated with care for their physical and mental well-being. And who doesn’t love to see a dog or cat on a cozy, raised bed?