On Thursday September 20, 2018 the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office presented Life Saving Awards to three Deputies and Certificates of Appreciation to three citizens.



Deputies Tom Dyer, Marcelo Perez and Paul Grenon who each received a Life Saving Award

Christopher Behrle and James Kring were unable to attend the meeting and will be given their awards by Deputy Crosby personally

The award information is listed below:

Life Saving Award – Deputy Paul Grenon:
On June 28, 2018 Deputy Grenon was assisting the St Joseph Department of Public Safety at the scene of a barricaded individual who was threatening to harm himself and others. After this individual set the residence on fire, Deputy Grenon entered the burning, smoke filled building without regard for his own safety. Deputy Grenon assisted in subduing the individual and safely escorting him from the scene to seek proper treatment.
Life Saving Award – Deputies Tom Dyer and Marcelo Perez:
On July 28, 2018 Deputy Dyer and Perez while on patrol overheard radio traffic of a structure fire at a motel in Benton Township. They responded to the scene and entered the building which was engulfed in flames and filled with smoke. Deputy Dyer and Perez entered the building without regard for their own safety and began to knock on doors in an attempt to evacuate the building. Although this incident resulted in the loss of lives, homes and property, due to the actions of Deputy Dyer and Perez numerous individuals were able to safely evacuate. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that were affected by this terrible tragedy.

Certificate of Appreciation – Keith Matthews, Christopher Behrle and James Kring:



Deputy Brandon Crosby with Keith Matthews who was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation
These Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the above individuals with Honor and Gratitude for their assistance to Deputy Brandon Crosby on December 21, 2017. They assisted in the apprehension on an individual who was actively resisting arrest. Due to the assistance they provided to Deputy Crosby, this individual was taken into custody on numerous felony charges. Their assistance was instrumental in subduing this individual and preventing harm to Deputy Crosby.