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AccuWeather Global 
Weather Center — May 8, 2018  — AccuWeather reports  Mother’s Day 2018 is expected to be a typical spring day across the United States, with overall warm weather in the forecast as storms threaten several major cities.

Large temperature contrast likely in the Northeast

Springtime is finally here to stay in the northeastern United States, with snowy and cold conditions a thing of the past. However, following a surge of warmth on Saturday, cooler air and rain are likely to work southward on Mother’s Day.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski

“Temperatures are likely to range from near 90 in southeastern Virginia to the upper 50s in northern New York state and northern New England.”

“In between, a swath of rain and thunderstorms is likely, which will separate temperatures in the 80s from temperatures in the 60s.”

The threat of rain and or a thunderstorm may discourage outdoor events and prevent restaurants from opening up outdoor seating in much of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southeastern New York state, northern Maryland, northern Virginia, northern West Virginia and southern New England.

Storms to settle southward over central US

While dry and cool conditions are forecast to expand southward over the Upper Midwest on Mother’s Day, rainy and stormy conditions are in store for the Ohio Valley and part of the middle Mississippi Valley.

Enough rain may fall in this zone to washout outdoor plans and require an umbrella and waterproof shoes for trip to the restaurant. However, it is not likely to rain the entire day.

Southern US: Hot and humid

It will feel like summer across the Southeast for the second half of the weekend, with high humidity and potentially record-breaking heat in store for many.

In Atlanta, rain-free and mainly sunny conditions are expected, along with a high temperature challenging the record high of 90 F set in 1956.

Unfortunately for those planning Mother’s Day activities across Florida, the weather will not be cooperative.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards

“Showers and thunderstorms will also form down in Florida.”

There is potential for spotty thunderstorms to form across a swath of the southern Plains, where otherwise bright and warm weather will persist.

Generally dry in the West

Warm weather is also expected throughout the western U.S.

“Much of the West Coast will be dry, while interior portions of the Rockies could see a shower or two.”

Any showers or thunderstorms could wander into cities such as Denver and Salt Lake City, sending anyone enjoying an outdoor meal running for shelter.

Unlike the first half of this week, temperatures across the Desert Southwest will fall closer to average, increasing the chances of an enjoyable day spent outdoors.

The warmest locations, relative to average are likely to be in the Northwest. Temperatures may challenge record highs in parts of Washington and Oregon.