Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Fallon

(6-20-20) Two National late night talk show hosts find themselves on the other side of America’s rage. ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and NBC’s Jimmy Fallon both have appeared in ‘black face’ skits on national TV. Outrage?

The two have been quite critical of political figures, especially the incident in Minnesota and police violence, and have supported many social issues during the recent turmoil.

Jimmy Fallon has apologized for his past black face skits –

Jimmy Kimmel has decided to take the summer off, in his announcement nothing was mentioned about the blackface scandal facing him –

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed a year ago about celebrities from the left in mlackface, but no national response took place. So who made it an issue when a right wing story didn’t stir it up? Interesting don’t you think. Why now?

So what do you think?

Are the two Jimmys racist? Will you stop watching these two host their talk show?  Is America to sensitive or not enough? How will the Hollywood Elite react? Is an apology enough or not? Will the main stream media give them a pass?

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