(1-7-19) All Americans and those of us who live in Mercer County are wondering what is going on with the current government shutdown.

The main reason for the shutdown is that both sides hold totally opposite opinions on placing a wall on the Mexican border. Does this effect people who live on the border or does it effect everyone in the US, including each one of us.

Why have the wall? Why not have the wall? Is it worth shutting the government down for this one issue?

Here is some You Tube videos that share both sides of the issue-





















Contradictions – 

So why have some high profile public officials flip-flopped on this issue since President Trump was elected? Listen for yourself –













So is the shutdown about immigration issues and the security of our country or is it a personal issue between the Democrats and the White House?  Who is to blame? Is compromise no longer a part of what the US is?

Share your thoughts with others on this issue, you have that right for or against the wall.