six depts

Amanda Tober, Brittany Zabel, David Helfman
Heather Saberniak, Nicholas Jewell, Victoria Doan

Six Berrien County Sheriff’s Deputies have recently completed a local corrections officer training academy.  Deputies Heather Saberniak, Brittany Zabel, Nicholas Jewell and David Helfman attended the academy at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  Deputies Victoria Doan and Amanda Tober attended the academy at Grand Rapids Community College.  The four week academy offers a comprehensive, interactive instruction program in various disciplines for jail deputies. Training topics include custody and security, defensive tactics, first aid (including CPR and AED procedures), suicide awareness, fire safety and interpersonal communications. The academy, certified by the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council, is an important element of providing the necessary skills for maintaining a safe, secure environment for jail staff, inmates and county residents.

Berrien County Sheriff L. Paul Bailey

“I want to congratulate these Deputies for their effort in completing this vital training.  The skills learned at this academy will help them safely and effectively manage our inmate population. The training helps our deputies develop and practice the tools necessary to be successful in this high stress environment”.