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On Saturday Sheriff Jeff Grey’s team reported that his office, working with Celina Police Chief Tom Wale, apprehended an African American, a Mr. Williams from Toledo, who had an arrest warrant and possessed drugs. Obviously, Mr. Williams is a drug dealer who, apparently, is not paying off the right officials in Mercer County. received information on a heroin dealer that is working out of Main Street in Celina. This heroin dealer had one of his customers die from an overdose. The family of the deceased called Sheriff Jeff Grey’s office to tell them about the heroin dealer and they were told it was a “civil matter” and did nothing. We told Tom Wale who the heroin dealer was and his location and he did nothing. It looks like if you’re a local drug dealer who has the right kind of relationship with officials in Mercer County you can deal drugs without concern. But if you’re from outside the county, like Mr. Williams, and don’t have the right kind of relationship with certain Mercer County officials you’ll be busted.

We at have received and published a letter from a citizen on another death related to heroin. The Mercer County officials have been made aware of the name of the heroin suppliers and other parties involved in the death. Sheriff Jeff Grey and other Mercer County officials have done nothing.

Joni Bey, a Most Wanted felon for drug production in Florida, has had multiple contacts with Sheriff Jeff Gray and Tom Wale for possession of drugs. Have they arrested her and sent her to Florida to answer for her drug crimes? No.

Citizens of Mercer County it is obvious that for Sheriff Jeff Grey and Tom Wale there is a selection process as to who is punished. The local drug dealers seem to be protected from prosecution while the out of towners get busted. It’s like the local drug dealers have protection from out of town competitors.

Call To Action:

  1. Mercer County residents we need to wake up to what is going on. This lack of action against local drug dealers is why Mercer County and Celina have a drug epidemic. Call on Sheriff Jeff Gray and Tom Wale to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealing drugs in Mercer County.