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It has been an honor to bring these stories to light and is just getting started. We are a new media resource for the citizens of Mercer County. We will be here to hold officials accountable and to ensure a safe and equitable county.

10.  Internal email reveals Sheriff Jeff Grey “cutting a deal” for a retire- rehire scheme with county commissioners. The scheme gives him a pay package including benefits in excess of $140,000.

9 – Internal email reveals Officer Martin Emerine of MCSO was scolded for only using one towing service (he was scolded for not letting Jeff Grey in on the deal). Why was this not investigated for possible kickbacks?


8 – Community informant tips us off on the flagrant difference in sentencing in Auglaize County for Dillon Howell and Derek Leffel for comparable crimes. Is there no shame in the obvious corrupt practices of local leadership?


7 – Investigation reveals that Joni Bey is a Most Wanted felon in Florida and documents prove that when she was pulled over in Mercer County for chemical usage and a suspended license. Local officials gave her only a minor fine. Why wasn’t this felon jailed and officials in Florida notified that she was in custody?


6 – Rural senior citizen Hal Nevergall has his property damaged and window shot out shortly after questioning Sheriff Jeff Grey. When Hal asks for help from Matt Fox and the Sheriff’s office no investigation is done despite a traceable threat.


5 – Corey Eischen receives a “negotiated” deal with Matt Fox in the death of Jaxxson Baker. The question still remains, “Why was the Mercer County sheriff’s office called off when they visited the home and left Jaxxson Baker with Corey Eischen to be killed?


4 – Continued evidence of the abuse of the Bryson Trust as Mayor Jeff Hazel stands to profit from the trust spending money on park improvements. His coffee shop just happens to be next to the park. Brightnet CEO Mike “The Bull” Boley gets a sweetheart deal to rent farmland, from the trust, at well below the market rate. All of this comes at the expense of the children of Celina for whom the trust was meant to benefit. There is no uglier form of corruption than those who would steal from our children.


3 – With the nation focused on a variety of sex scandals by those in power, like Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken, we’ve learned that there has been abuse of at least one woman by several people employed by the UDSA in Mercer County. Could there be more?


2 – Parents from a school in southern Mercer County make aware of a disgusting and demeaning hazing ritual that has become a tradition in the school’s basketball program. puts school officials on notice that there will be financial assistance for any families wanting to take action.


1 – employs an investigative team of four retired law enforcement officials to look into the death of Raymond Bey. They concluded that foul play was involved and that there was a cover-up.